During these times of uncertainty when we are all wondering what is yet to come, it can be hard to find those moments to just breathe. I am so grateful today to have gotten the opportunity to lead a yoga session with a great friend of mine. It reminded me that keeping the body moving and really taking in that breath can help to calm the nerves and bring focus.
When we get anxious, we tend to take shallower breaths and it’s important to take time and do some deep breathing. As we go through these times please take a moment 3 or more times a day to close your eyes and just breathe. Full, deep breaths. Let the inhale start in your belly, working it’s way up to fill the lungs to a count of 4 and then exhale it out to a count of 5.

Whether you are sitting at a desk, on the couch, or making a meal you can do this and it only takes a minute.

We will all get through this together!

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